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What Requirements Must A Good Skin Analysis Device Meet?

Published on: 23-03-21

With skin analysis devices popping up rapidly, how should beauty experts navigate this relatively new technology and make it work for them?

Understanding measurable benefits while avoiding misunderstandings about skin analysis will make your consultations more successful. You’ll not only build trust while educating your customer but with Sylton’s Observ level of analysis, you can show them unmistakable results and the real-time improvements made.

After all, seeing is believing, and high-quality photo skin imaging benefits both practitioners and the client experience.

What requirements should your skin analysis device meet? Here’s what to look for, and how to explain top-of-the-line analysis to your customers.

1. Let’s Bust This Myth First:  Skin Analysis Is A Gimmick

Your customers are better at researching than ever. In the past year, more people spent time online reviewing before and after photos. They’re savvy about gimmicks and “too-good-to-be-true” claims, so you can expect to address well-founded questions during consultations.

Unfortunately, Skin analysis can be misunderstood and might seem unnecessary or unreliable. The truth is: significant skin information is impossible to gather with the naked eye, but revealed with next-generation devices like Observ 520x.

In effect, the ability to see “invisible” damage or understand hidden skin needs allows customised, optimal treatment. As a bonus, Observ also lets you see and show customers improvements that are made in the deeper layers of the skin.

Yes, it’s legit and the best devices dramatically improve business.  

2. Skin Analysis “Measuring” Versus “Revealing- What Is The Difference?

Observ 520x provides fast, high-resolution pictures, showing the overall skin appearance. Customers see for themselves what you discuss and will appreciate the need for treatment or a product routine. Skin problems made visible with advanced lighting and filtering techniques immediately show a clear, honest portrait of the skin. What you see is what you get.

However, measuring the number of pigmentation spots, wrinkles, or pores is subject to change depending on the time of day, season, location, age, and ethnicity. Rather than approach skin analysis as numbers and data, the more holistic view of Observ lets us understand the entire picture.

3. Can Skin Analysis Reveal Pigment Spots?

What a computer algorithm sees as a low pigment score, might present a problem for your customer regardless.  That’s because computers only calculate using data they’re programmed with, but Observ 520x records what the eye sees.

In certain “terrible” lighting, we’re  shocked by spots our skin, enlarged pores and imperfections.

Likewise, in a controlled, consistent way, the lighting and filtering power of expert skin analysis lets us see what’s really going on with our skin just like lifting a veil.

4. Is Measuring Ph, Moisture and Fat Value With Equipment, Reliable?

Acidity, moisture, and fat levels combine in a complex biological system that affects the skin barrier, how cells form, and surface.

Diseases like atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, and acne disturb biological systems, so they cause abnormal readings on most skin analysis machines.

Signals from inside and disturbances outside change pH value, fat value and hydration levels. That means narrowing down a set of specific values for your customer’s skin isn’t realistic.

A skin analysis device should enhance your consultation. Along with expert knowledge, human touch, and adaptation to the individual it delivers best outcomes.

5. Why Take A Holistic Approach To Skin Analysis Rather Than Focus On A Small Subarea?

Treat only what needs to be treated, but first you must see the surrounding framework and contributing factors.

Observ 520x makes skin characteristics  and the more global appearance of the skin more clearly visible overall which prevents you from treating issues that matter less, and ensures you won’t miss impactful ones.

Some problems stem from decades of dehydration, loss of collagen, and more. Other issues develop quickly because of short-term factors.

Therefore, view the big picture, and what a realistic timeline for results will be.

6. Why Can You See Product Results Better With Photographic Skin Analysis Instead Of Measuring Equipment?

Observ 520x makes use of instinctive sensitivity. A measuring device does not have perception ability for people’s unique needs and concerns that Observ allows. In partnership with you, enhanced vision, precision planning and clear results are possible.

7. What Makes Skin Analysis Images Valuable To The Skin Expert?

Observ 520x takes 8 pictures within 10 seconds, which are immediately useful during a skin consultation. The photos make everything you explain more clear and convincing.

The impact that images make is undeniable psychologically, and because the process is so fast, it’s a logical step with a massive payoff. Comparing before and after photos will make even subtle improvements quite visible, so clients are confident in the effectiveness of a treatment or product routine.

Seeing is believing.

8. Is A High-Quality Skin Analysis Device Difficult To Operate?

A skin analysis device should quickly provide information you can act on. It’s also essential to understand your device so that you maximize it’s use and feel confident incorporating the technology into your services.

Observ 520x works with an iPad and an app. The app is intuitive and Sylton ensures everyone receives training to familiarize and work with the device right away.

9. What Requirements Should A Good Skin Analysis Device Meet?

We’ve made it easy for you to fill out our ROI calculator here.

  • See how quickly you’ll earn back your investment
  • The ROI calculator estimates how quickly Observ produces measurable profit
  • Simply enter your specifications to find out more!

Quality between devices varies like cost, so researching ROI of machines will determine your ultimate satisfaction.

Observ 520x was designed and developed in the Netherlands by Innofaith beauty sciences and meets incredibly high standards set in this emerging market. We’ve focused on high-end cosmetic equipment for more than 20 years. We‘d love to tell you more! Click the link, and find out what Observ can do for your business!

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Expect spam-free content, packed with case studies, new product information, updates and blogs.