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Observ skin analysis systems reveal the invisible. The device helps and guides you in your aesthetic and beauty consultation.  It shows the condition of all skin layers, including the deepest ones, in great detail. This lets you work on the basis of realistic insights rather than assumptions. That sounds magical, which it is. Using the Observ for the first time is an eye-opening experience, where a new world opens up right in front of you. Discover issues like UV damage, blocked pores, pigmentation disorders, active blood circulation or high sebaceous gland production and use these insights to create an effective treatment plan with solid product advice. Observ is the crucial first step in your clients’ journey towards healthy skin.

With Observ we focus on visual diagnosis, our images are so strong and revealing that even the most subtle appearance and skin changes will become visible to the professional and the client. In addition, we think that quantitative measurements are subject to seasonal changes and the influence of the operator, while computers often lack the sensitivity of perception to pick up ‘ultra-fine’ improvements.

If you are a beauty expert or aesthetic professional, look for the nearest dealer in your country and order your Observ right away! If you don’t find a dealer in your region, contact us to send your request.

Although all our Observ devices and apps work intuitively, we advise you to contact your local dealer for all training and education options . Nowadays training can easily be followed online and there are also options for training during or after installation. Easily enrich your knowledge and become a real Observ expert!

Yes, the Observ is specifically developed to operate in salons and clinics and meets the highest safety standards. The technology is tested and approved by acklowledged international testing labs.

No, Observ devices are very compact. If you have 1m2 left, this is more than enough. In addition, you can easily store the Observ, as the device is light and mobile.

Actually, Observ devices do not measure at all. Observ is all about visualisation, which brings much more depth to your consult.

In general, it is better to take more pictures than fewer. There's virtually no downsides to doing so, and your client will be happy to see their progress clearly visualised. Usually, at least 3 sets of skin analysis are taken. One to analyse the skin beforehand, one during treatment to confirm the treatment plan is working and a final one to visualise the results.

Because we reveal skin concerns and possibilities for rejuvenation so clearly, the stepstone to treatment plans and product recommendations is very small. We strongly believe in the knowledge and experience of beauty experts and aesthetic professionals. They have had all the training and daily practice, so they can interpret the images of Observ far better than a ‘machine’ can. Additionally, Observ 520x and Observ 320 allow you to create your own catalogue of products and treatments from which you can recommend and thus boost your sales.

An Observ report is personal, you can fully customize it. A report can include the Observ pictures, just highlights, your annotations and notes, your treatment advice, the best skincare products you recommend to your customer, tips and tricks on skincare regimen and much more.  You can find all information on the reporting tool on the different product pages.

Yes, there are many ways to share Observ reports with your clients; by email, print, Airdrop and Teams for example. See an example of an Observ 520x report or an example of an Observ 320 report

To have the most clear and honest view on the skin, we advise to perform a skin analysis on a cleaned face. Preferably not ‘freshly’ cleaned, because cleaning products also influence the lipid levels of the skin. So, make sure there is some time between the cleaning and the analysis.

This is theoretically possible. However, the Observ is not intended for this use. In practice, taking pictures of the neck is very difficult because you then have to remove the chin rest, which guarantees stability. If the chin rest is removed, the stability also disappears.

Earning back the Observ device isn’t really about selling lots of skin alyses. Your revenue will increase through increased product and treatment sales. We’ve created a calculator to give you an idea of the positive impact an Observ can have on your business.  Check out the ROI calculator on the product pages.

You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It all depends on the market you’re in and, of course, your own strategy. We are happy to share with you some strategies we see with our users:

  • Offer Observ skin visualisation/analysis as a paid service to your customers
  • Offer Observ skin visualisation/analysis as a paid service to your customers, but offer them a reduction as soon as they buy a product and/or treatment
  • Develop an acquisition treatment in which you incorporate the Observ skin visualisation/analysis.
  • Offer the Observ skin visualisation/analysis for free, as you will see the number of products and treatment sales increase
  • Offer the Observ skin visualisation/analysis for free, but increase the price of your products and/or treatments instead

The best way to promote Observ in your clinic or salon, is to have everyone know that you use Observ for your skin consults. Use it to give your customers the highest level of service and the best results. Install the Observ in a visible place to make clients curious. Talk about Observ on your website, on your social media accounts and make Observ part of all your skin consults!

Hydration is one of many parameters that can be identified, but not measured through Observ. We don’t measure hydration, because this is a temporary situation, depending on the season, the environment and the operator, so we look for visual signs that give experts information about the skin condition. This is always more valuable in the end.

The Observ uses your iPad camera to make the pictures, so based on which model iPad you have there can be a slight quality difference. Switching to a newer iPad can make a difference. You can find an overview with which iPad models are suited for your Observ here.

In case the images are vague, distorted or appear blurry please check the list below for possible solutions:

  • Clean the camera lens of your iPad with a soft towel
  • Clean the lens of the iPad visor with a soft towel
  • Check if there is no residue left from the protective foam on the lens of the iPad visor
  • Check if the protective film inside the Observ is removed from the transparent screen
  • Clean the transparent window inside and outside of the Observ

We always recommend using an iPad Pro in combination with Observ 520x. These iPads have the best camera and you can also opt for a larger screen. We have listed the most suitable iPads per device for you in our download center.

The visibility of skin characteristics is very personal, as skin is ‘living’ material. Each light mode of Observ 520x highlights specific anomalies, and in general you can easily identify common skin concerns such as: 

  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Distribution of melasma
  • Porphyrin, acne and Comedones
  • Free oil flow
  • Plugged pores
  • Areas of keratinized skin
  • Areas with diminished circulation
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Vascular conditions
  • Rosacea
  • Areas of lipid-dry skin
  • Milia
  • Areas with collagen loss
  • Sensitive and thinned skin areas
  • Wrinkle formations
  • Fine skin surface texture
  • Fine line patterns
  • Microrelief
  • Skin irritations

No, this is not possible. Observ 520x is a completely new product with new technology, software and hardware. The only thing that will always stay the same is the philosophy and the quality we envision with our smart devices.

Distributor warranties are the terms and conditions that Supplier warrants the Distributor. End-user warranties are the terms and conditions that the Distributor warrants the End-user. The Device is warranted against factory defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance, for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase by the End-user. Proof of the original purchase date and Device serial number is required for warranty service. Contact your dealer for more information about warranty.

Sylton Connect is our online platform that offers products and services that connect devices, users and shops together in the cloud. Sylton Safe is the first product that we are launching within the Sylton Connect platform. In the future there will be more services released within Sylton Connect where we make storing, sharing and updating client and session information more easy and secure

Sylton Safe 300GB comes as a 2 year Free gift with any new Observ 320 and 520x. If you already have an Observ 320 or 520x Sylton Safe 300GB will be provided as a 2 year Free gift to you too. You can activate Sylton Safe in the 320 or 520x app on your iPad. When you have paired the device with the app a pop-up appears that will allow you to claim your Sylton Safe gift following the instructions provided. Please make sure though that you are logged in with the company in which you like to use this service. After claiming free cloud this service will be linked to your company and your client sessions and data on your Ipad will be uploaded in the cloud

There is no obligation to use Sylton Safe or Sylton Connect with your Observ. We provide this as a service to assure a safe way to store and share your data within our own maintained cloud solution. The Observ 320 and 520x app will still work and store all data on the iPad you've synchronised with the device

We are using the latest 128-bit and 256-bit encryption technologies with end-to-end encryption. This means your data is not only encrypted while in the cloud but also on your iPad and during transportation. Futhermore each user has an unique key, so if one key in any way gets comprimsed, your data will still be safe. Finally, we do not store your password as is. Your password is converted into a 128-bit code so your data can only be accessed by using your personal password on your account and not with a retrieved 128-bit code.

To ensure the best speed and user experience we have decided to work with 4 data centers all over the world. When setting up your Sylton Safe account, you can select the data center most beneficial to you. For the best user experience users in North and South America can select our data center in North Virginia. In Europe and Africa our data center in Frankfurt will give the best use experience. For users in Asia this will be our data center in Mumbai and for users in the Pacific our data center in Sydney.

To make sure your data is kept safe and secure according to the legislation of the GDPR and other privacy laws like HIPAA, it is no longer possible to store your data in other cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox to avoid the risk of data corruption. We are not able to create a full audit trail if we allow data to be stored outside of our Sylton Safe cloud. By giving you the possibility to store your data in our own cloud, we can keep up with the latest safety and encryption technologies.

This has been made really easy. Sylton Safe automatically uploads all session data to the cloud making this data available for the other users working in the same company. Just search for the specific client information in the app and synchronize it with your own iPad. This way, you can work together with all available session data in your clinic and make best use of everybody's expertice and strenghts. For example:

  • Skin Therapist A takes care of the capture and client registration.
  • Skin therapist B downloads the session data from the cloud and takes care of the consult
  • Skin therapist C downloads the session data from the cloud and takes care of the treatment and adds additional products for aftercare to the session data.

When creating a company account in the app, you can invite other users to your company who can then register to your company and access all available data stored in the Sylton Safe cloud. Please only share your data by inviting other colleagues from your company account. As data can not be shared inbetween different company accounts for safety reasons, it is not possible to move data from one company account to another. So if you work with multiple branches, make use of one main company account.

You can keep using Sylton Safe after the gift period of two years has expired. The first 5GB are free of charge. Prices start at €4,99 up to € 48,99 per month for our most premium package with 300GB cloud storage for the larger clinics

This depends on your dealer, who will be able to give you a definite answer right away. Find your local dealer here.

You’ve probably taken a close look at our website and discovered that Observ will be of great value for your business. It is wise to fill out the Partner Application Form, so we can get in touch and get to know each other better. We believe in strong and long term relationships. Our different views and positions in the market can make us a really strong team.

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