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10 Tips To Boost Partner Business In Tough Times With Good Communication And Sensitivity

Published on: 10-03-21

At Sylton, we’ve been challenged to conduct business differently this year. More importantly, we discovered our parters also had to think on their feet and move fast to connect with existing and new customers during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

We’re sharing what crystalized as product focus, valuable communication (pitfalls to avoid) and practical tips to boost your partner business during and after Covid marketing times!

Can’t visit clients in person like you used to? You’re not alone but you are in luck because we’re sharing 10 tips to help.

Boost Your Partner Business During Covid-19 Really!

Connecting with customers during Covid-19 is not only possible, but innovative companies are doing it impactfully to foster great relationships and forge new ones.

Our first tip is the starting line for all worthwhile initiatives: communication.

1. Reach Out, Address The Situation, Check-In

If you haven’t done so already, connecting with contacts via friendly messages to acknowledge current events is wise. However, we highly recommend you keep it relevant and real.

Authenticity is a favorite marketing buzzword, with good reason. You know it’s palpable when a message of concern hides a pitch, or when well-wishes lack sincerity.

  • Clients may have an inbox brimming with “stay home, stay safe” emails already. Stand out from the pack by keeping communication honest and caring.
  • You may clarify that you’re not reaching out for promotion or business, but to ask how they’re doing. Invite them to share questions or concerns, then ensure you’re easy to find and communicate with.
  • If operations on your end are a little delayed, be honest and let them know you’re adjusting at this time.
  • We don’t suggest pretending everything is “business as usual”, or ignoring the pandemic elephant in the room. On the other hand, many are ready for hopeful, positive messages, so keep it light.
  • As always, be careful with humor since many are personally affected in ways you don’t realize.

2. Shift Focus To Benefits That Are Especially Helpful Now

Some Observ features are actually more useful now than ever!

For instance, explain the portability of Observ to your customers. Skin and beauty experts are making one-on-one visits with salons and clinics closed. Convenient portability of our advanced equipment is now a perfect solution to an unexpected problem.

3. Use Before-And-After Images

If you directly request to share a results “wow-factor” online, customers are often happy to. They know people make purchasing decisions based on how incredibly compelling photos are. And they’re right!

Everyone is spending more time online now. Let scrolling procedure before and after photos link to your business!

4. Get Yourself All Over Social Media

Reports show massive acceleration in social media use and many more eyes than usual are captured by your consistent social media content.

This may be a good time to consider paid advertising, campaigns, and clear call-to-action leads that get new customers in touch with you.

Pro marketing tip: Understand your customer’s buying journey on different platforms so the appropriate direction will lead them through next steps.

5. Use New Technologies Like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet

For people working remotely, Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing platforms have been indispensable. No matter how you feel about the video-meeting way of life, it’s presenting options to connect personally with customers.

Zoom calls are more social than emails or phone. Don’t be afraid to embrace this more personal way to meet.

6. Attend A Virtual Tradeshow

Tradeshows have adapted to accommodate remote attendance and social distancing.

We miss the in-person energy of conference attendance, but a perk we now enjoy is access faster and further than before.

You can add to your knowledge, certification, and professional networking all from the comfort of your home. Serious prospecting and sales happen here and if you’re not attending tradeshows, you may be missing out.

7. Organise Virtual Events!

You can gather customers for fun, interactive sessions to talk about upcoming tech additions, a webinar, or answer questions. The possibilities are nearly endless, but increased communication and visibility are priceless.

8. Highlight Covid-19 Protection Protocols You Use To Keep Customers Safe 

Sylton has clear corona-guidelines developed which help you operate safely. Communicate this service feature to customers and they’ll appreciate the reassurance.

9. Position Yourself As Expert Support!

We’ve all learned new skills under pressure lately. There may be business growth strategies, or product promotion ideas that you can share with customers to help boost their success too.

Share best practices, create a blog, or how-to guide explaining how to build up again. Staying up to date on Coronavirus news in your industry will make you an excellent resource and trusted guide.

10. Invest In High ROI Products Like The Observ 520x

It’s no secret budgets have tightened since Covid-19 came on the scene. People are spending wisely, but they haven’t stopped.

Your business will continue to grow through this challenging economic period with careful additions of high-value technology to your roster.

Our international account managers will be happy to help you identify where ROI is going to drive you in the years ahead.

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Expect spam-free content, packed with case studies, new product information, updates and blogs.