The perfect opportunity for you

Change people's
lives by making
them beautiful again

Support your clients and help them to improve or
maintain their healthy and beautiful skin.
Use Observ to capture visual evidence
of your successful treatments

What's on your mind aesthetic professional?

Your good care of your patients
directly affects their visible beauty
and mental health.

As an aesthetic professional, you recognize many skin issues
immediately during the first evaluation, based on your educational
background. You then want to show your patient what’s going on and
how your treatments will help. Observ helps you in providing some relief
for emotional problems related to their physical appearance.

Distance yourself from
players in your market

As a true professional, you are always looking for ways to distinguish yourself from the cowboys who give your industry
a bad name.

Your work is complex,
let us add some simplicity

The complexity of certain treatments requires clear and understandable argumentation to be convincing.

Be able to make
the difference for
your patients

Build the confidence of your patients who experience severe issues and use your skills to achieve results far more meaningful than beauty.

Run a successful

Creating visible evidence of successful aesthetic treatments, makes it easier for satisfied patients to share their positive experiences with others.

Wondering how Observ can support you?

Choosing Observ means obtaining an easy to use tool which will show visual
evidence of the effectiveness of your treatments. It allows you to position
yourself as a true professional, now and in the future.

High ROI

The payback period of Observ is rather
short, whilst it nearly guarantees an
increase in profit. Moreover, the revealing
characteristics of Observ are actually priceless
in the sense that it influences the satisfaction
of your patients directly.

more patients

The most committed aesthetic professionals
rely on the best performing devices, as their
results will show. This leads to satisfied
patients who will surely recommend you
to others, effectively allowing you to welcome
more new patients.

Grateful patients

Convince your patients, before or during
the process, of the incredible benefits your
treatments offer. The before and after photos
taken with Observ provide them with a new,
incredibly positive perspective.
This positively influences their outlook
and shows how your professional aesthetic
treatment will better their lives.

Strengthen your
professional image

Patient satisfaction is the core of your ethos.
This starts with thorough skin consultations
before proceeding with any treatment,
to build trust and show your knowledge
and expertise. This allows you to truly
differentiate yourself from your competition
and build your reputation.

Grow your business
in every way

Observ expands your service, which brings in more
clients. Furthermore, in time, it will even help you
decide which new technologies will improve your
aesthetic treatment approach. Observ automatically
becomes your knowledge bank that helps you make
the right business decisions.

Quality and support

We stand by our guaranteed, 100% European quality.
Furthermore, your dealer will thoroughly support you
whenever you need them to. Let our quality product
earn you an image of excellence.

is king

The intricacies of your
treatments can be
difficult for patients
to understand, but
when you show them
the visual evidence
of the results they
will see their value

Skin Analysis

Parallel Polorised

Cross Polorised

True UV


Appearence Analysis


Surface Texture



The evidence-tool

Being able to show actual evidence of your
treatments’ effectiveness not only supports
your professional image, but helps your
patients gain courage and a positive outlook
on their chances of a clear and beautiful skin.

The power of

Involve your patient from the very
start with a proper consultation,
which dictates the course of action
you will take together. Combining
clinical photos with the appearance
analysis lets you offer valuable
insights from the start, so you can
take your client on a journey
together towards incredibly
satisfactory results.

"Observ helps me to make a more accurate diagnostic than other everyday usage tools."


Yafit Cohen / Clinic for Rosacea, Acne and Demodex Mites Infestation, Israel

"My staff enjoy using Observ. It has been incredibly satisfying to watch how proud they are when they can monitor their clients progress with such accuracy."


Teresa Sime / Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, New Zealand

Observ’s imaging of the skin is so comprehensive and easy to understand. Patients like to see their skin change during treatment. It helps to motivate them to follow all doctor’s recommendations.


Dr. Tiina Meder / Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK

One of the important steps in a consultation is, without a doubt, the skin diagnosis. I find it essential to study the patient's skin, using the Observ to get high quality images. The multiple light modes allow me to conduct a profound skin analysis. Patients are happy with their treatment results. I am also able to develop better work protocols as the Observ helps me gain more insight with its accurate analysis.”


Dr. Sergio Fernández / Medical director Le Med. Madrid

"Observ has transformed our consultations in a phenomenal way."


Yafit Cohen / Clinic for Rosacea, Acne and Demodex Mites Infestation, Israel

"Observ has taken our Spa to the next level for our clientele. Having such fantastic technology to analyse our clients skin has reinforced our professionalism and dedication to skin treatments."


Teresa Sime / Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, New Zealand

"Observ is a perfect tool for dermatologists helping to see into the skin deep but with no difficulty to explain it to patients like many other visualisation tools on the market."


Dr. Tiina Meder / Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK

"I can rely on Observ to easily differentiate the source of patients facial redness, and more visualization of subsurface melanin, allowing the immediate start of the correct therapeutic protocol, leading to a complete patients satisfaction."


Yafit Cohen / Clinic for Rosacea, Acne and Demodex Mites Infestation, Israel

"I looked for a device helping to visualise a skin realistically for many years, but only when I've got a chance to use Observ, I found what I needed for."


Dr. Tiina Meder / Meder Beauty Science Ltd, UK

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