About us

As a specialist in the area of skin analysis, Sylton produces diagnostic
equipment for the global beauty industry. Our products are created and
developed by the excellent engineering team of InnoFaith beauty sciences,
which has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, cooperating
with many cosmetic multinationals.

Beside our Sylton product portfolio, our mother company InnoFaith beauty
sciences b.v. also offers full-custom products. These are developed in close
cooperation with their customers, including cosmetic multinationals and
skin care brands. Enabling them to develop their own unique diagnostic
concepts within their own brand values.


Thinking outside the box

We're open minded, curious and creative. This optimistic mindset allows us to keep moving forward through even the most challenging development processes.

Mutually beneficial partnerships

Working together is
our gusto

Strong relationships with our distributors form an integral part of our organisation, as well as our link to the market. Different viewpoints and experiences enrich us every day.

Commitment and reliability

Committed to our beliefs,
as well as our quality

Over 20 years of R&D experience, as well as frequent long-term projects, show that we're in for the long run. All the way.


Honesty and openness is
at the heart of our ethos

This shines through in everything we say and do. Both internally, with our small team of experts, as externally, with our valued partners, progress is founded on the principles of transparency.

Passion and fun

Maintaining a positive
work environment

Passion motivates, drives and allows us to create. This passion flows from our fun and positive work environment.

Key figures

Our head office

We are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The city of technology

Our team

Some 20 people who work on creating the best products for the beauty industry

Our community

We connect through various central platforms and international resources for knowledge services

Our background

Our research background and eagerness to learn is what drives and inspires us, every single day

Our playground

We are active worldwide

Our pride

We deliver products of excellent quality, designed in the Netherlands

Our partners

We are proud of our many successful partnerships with cosmetic multinationals and beauty brands

Our approach

Ever smart, innovative and revealing

Our customers

Our products are used worldwide by beauty experts, skin therapists, dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, spa's, research centers and many more professionals in the beauty industry


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