Boost your consult
with Observ

The skin analysis system that reveals everything

Observ skin analysis systems reveal the invisible. It shows the condition of all skin layers, including the deepest ones, in great detail. This lets you work on the basis of realistic insights rather than assumptions. That sounds magical, which it is. Using Observ for the first time is an eye-opening experience, regardless of your chosen model. Still, our different models are geared toward different user types:

Tailor made accessories

Everything you need to get the most out of your Observ

Universal iPad Visor

Our Universal iPad Visor lets you install your iPad easily. It
guarantees the perfect fit, regardless of which model
iPad you've chosen.

Hardcase trolley

Take your Observ with you to at-home appointments
or events, comfortable and safe

How to get started

Your Observ will be up and running in no-time,
just follow the one-way track and boost your business

Select your local

They will guide you in choosing the right Observ model for your business.

Place your

In the meantime, be aware you need an iPad to use Observ. Your dealer is there to advise.

Receive personal

An in-depth training session with your dealer ensures you will be proficient with your Observ right away.

Enjoy your

And feel free to get back to your dealer with any questions or remarks!