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Visualisation is king

Skin analysis devices and their visualisation power are booming. Sylton products allow you to offer your clients the latest innovations to stay ahead.

Extend your product portfolio

Sylton products are a strategic choice within your portfolio completion because of its ability to proof the effectiveness of other aesthetic device or skincare products within your offering.

Sales made easy

Sylton products are straightforward, require no medical license and are simply a joy to work with. Offering an excellent ROI, Sylton products help your customers to quickly mature their business.

Easy learning

Sylton supports you with continuous, comprehensive hands-on training. During our partnership you profoundly understand the value of our products beside new scientific insights, techniques and technologies.

Short communication lines

At Sylton we believe in dedicated relationships with Sylton's International Account Managers and ongoing contact with the whole team of qualified engineers and technical specialists.

Stay ahead

With our continuous stream of innovation, you are always able to provide your clients with supportive and new up-to-date developments, potentially increasing
your sales.

"The support Sylton have provided has been exemplary. They are communicative, proactive in letting us know about new product resources and are highly accountable.  All departments of our business from the sales team to marketing, engineering, education and clinical have benefited from Sylton’s fast and reliable assistance."


Kane Hammond / The Global Beauty Group CEO, Australia

"Observ allows our skin treatment practitioners to quickly confirm their findings and map more effective interventions and treatment strategies."


Florence Barrett-Hill / Pastiche Training, New-Zealand

"Sylton’s high product quality, detailed resources and friendly support have made the effective launch and ongoing success of Observ in our product range as seamless and straightforward as possible."


Kane Hammond / The Global Beauty Group CEO, Australia

"Observ is a completely unique approach to not just understanding the skin, but to providing clinicians tools that get their clients onto skincare and treatment programs that build client loyalty and help achieve long term skin goals."


Kane Hammond / The Global Beauty Group CEO, Australia

"Accurate skin condition analysis requires tools that will provide essential information that is undetectable without devices such as Observ; and so could be considered a crucial component in any credible skin analysis procedure."


Florence Barrett-Hill / Pastiche Training, New-Zealand

"In our view, Observ is one of the most significant and useful skin diagnostic tool innovations this century."


Florence Barrett-Hill / Pastiche Training, New-Zealand

"Observ is a product that as soon as a beauty business owner experiences it for themselves they understand how their clinic and business revenue will benefit from having one."


Kane Hammond / The Global Beauty Group CEO, Australia

"The power of Observ advanced skin analysis technology has helped our beauty business clients grow their in clinic skincare and treatment revenue by an average of 32%. This in turn has empowered our clients to invest in other aesthetic technology with The Global Beauty Group, especially to help treat the skin concerns commonly identified within Observ consultations."


Kane Hammond / The Global Beauty Group CEO, Australia

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