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Trends For 2021 In Beauty Industry And Digitally Evolving Business

Published on: 19-03-21

Beginning a new year in the beauty industry may have felt strange. Typical predictions about upcoming trends in aesthetic medicine were dramatically influenced by the global pandemic. If you guessed that working from home, masking, and social distancing influenced overall beauty trends for 2021, you’re right.

Client-facing industries are deeply interested in what’s changed and where we’re going in terms of consultation for beauty clients.

At Sylton, we’re curious and innovative- looking far ahead at advances in beauty marketing, analysis, and service delivery technology. Our partners benefit from leading skin analysis devices like Observ 520x in their toolbox.

We’re seeing digital analysis, “Zoom face” and intelligent skincare impacting businesses for the better.

In fact, we’re optimistic that future virtual skin trends are bright for partners at Sylton.

1. Clean, Organic, Natural Beauty Treatments

One of the most prolific in the marketing world, Beauty is a competitive, highly lucrative industry valued at 500$ billion in sales globally every year.

We know customers respond to trends fast. Those who work in cosmetic industries must align quickly or lose the attention of buyers.  We feel the latest shift toward clean, organic, natural skincare is a good one with mutual benefits for everyone jumping on board.

There’s been a move away from questionable chemical-based ingredients for many years, but cosmetic world leaders and some clinics didn’t previously feel pressured to trash their perfumed, synthetic formulas.

Overall, customer awareness about their skin’s dynamic health and absorption of chemicals has grown. Instead of slathering on potent creams and potions, customers are peering deeper into their pores to understand their unique skin cell landscape and opt for healthier treatments. Observ 520x skin analysis plays an integral role in educating and equipping the customer of tomorrow.

2. The Growth Of Digital Beauty Consultation And Treatment Planning

Social platforms have exploded with new users and amped up beauty marketing. Influencers now lead ad campaigns selling personalised, detailed product experiences.

In 2021 we’ve seen the addition hi-tech user experiences increase, and we believe this trend will only grow.

Digital skin analysis devices, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual communication have become so interwoven that it no longer seems new or unusual for detailed medical and dermatological information to be transmitted online.

The emphasis on enhanced experiences means suppliers are motivated to create machines and applications customers want. Without stepping foot into the medspa of the past, at-home self-care now involves qualified medical experts and customised treatment.

Beauty brands have invested in data analytics to better understand their customers, and they’ve incorporated personalised feedback into social media and website communication.

We'll see service providers with a competitive edge in medical tech show a boost in profits in the coming year.

Observ is one of the most promising tools to date when it comes to enhanced user experience. There’s never been as detailed a device to provide the “made for you” treatment planning today’s customers want.  

3. Have You Heard of Zoom Face?

A catchy but unfortunate term, “Zoom face” refers to the unprecedented facetime many people now have with themselves - staring at their own reflection and imperfections.

Observ takes this newly formed focus on details and provides accurate photo analysis needed to plan. Customers can see exactly where damage has occurred then watch in stunning clarity as conditions are cleared.

4. Skin Repair And Minimal Makeup

Why coverup what you can fix? Along with overall trends toward everything natural, 2021 is shifting toward bare-skinned beauty and products which treat rather than cover.

It makes sense when we think about “make-up holiday” opportunities during the last pandemic-year. Giving your complexion a breather is a popular idea now, as is time off for intensive chemical peels and facial treatments that remove hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and more.

Buzzwords like “dewy” and “glow up” are circulating among beauty influencers boasting of clear, even toned, healthy skin. Once they’ve determined where dark circles, sunspots, enlarged pores and lines mar their complexion, they can set to work repairing the damage and glow again.

We love where the trends are taking us next year and beyond. Have you talked to a Sylton representative about where our skin analysis technology fits in? Click here to learn more about our products.

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Expect spam-free content, packed with case studies, new product information, updates and blogs.