Smart and revealing,
that is how we operate

We use smart thinking to create revealing machines,
and we use revealing machines to enable smart

Our culture

Think outside the box.
Together. In co-creation.

We’re open minded, curious and creative. We work in a transparent way and always are optimistic, even when we go through challenging development processes.

Our character

We're always looking
for connections.

Different backgrounds, viewing points and experiences enrich us. Our business relies on strong relationships with our partners and we do everything with passion, which includes staying critical in a positive way.

The perfect feeling

Committed to creating
a wow-effect.

The revealing effect of our products makes people say wow and blows them away. This is the feeling we’re looking for. We make it happen because our passion is all about creating that wow-effect.

Our impact

We accelerate your
business growth.

Sylton offers you new tools to innovate and modernise. We build your business together with you through Observ, which accelerates your sales and, as a result, your growth as well. This is an incredibly satisfying process for both of us.

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