Your goal?

Let anyone, at any age,
shine and look their best!

Boost your product and treatment sales
through crystal clear, visual insights, which
lead to successful treatment plans

What's on your mind beauty expert?

Creating a healthy looking skin for
your client is what drives you.

As a beauty expert, you discover a lot of skin issues during your first
evaluation, but it is impossible to see all the details with the naked eye. You
also want to show your customer what is going on in the deeper skin layers.
And, moreover, you have desires for yourself and your business as well.

Be a unique professional

To show your professionalism and determination to achieve the best results, take your client on the Observ skin tour as the starting point.

Create the difference

Observ allows for comprehensive guidance and service for your client, which sets you apart from your competition.

Be profitable and succesful

Quickly earn back your investment to continue growing your business and expand the equipment range of your salon.

Be convincing

Visualisation is king because people believe what they can see. This is why Observ skin analysis is the ideal way of communicating about your clients skin.

Obtain recurring business

Observ helps you obtain recurring business by assisting you in the sales of products and treatment plans.

Show what you can do

Use Observ pictures to demonstrate your best skincare practices and treatment results on social media.

You wonder what's in it for you?

If you want to be successful and acknowledged for what you do,
choosing Observ is the easy and risk-free choice to make.

High returns,
low investment

The payback period is relatively short,
while Observ is guaranteed to increase
your revenue. Use our ROI calculator in
the product sections to find out more

Create loyal clients

Through Observ you can make your
clients’ skin issues evident, which makes
it easier to convince them to follow a
long term treatment plan with you.

Clients for life

Use Observ to prove the positive effects of
your treatments and products, which will let
you build strong relationships and acquire
lifetime clients who keep coming back for
your effective methods.

Strenghten your

Through Observ, you offer a service that
sets you apart from your competitors,
strengthening your image and supporting
your knowledge and abilities.

Increased sales

The visual evidence makes it so much easier to
sell products and treatments, that your sales of
these will increase by an average of 40%.
Use our ROI calculator in the product sections
for more information.

Quality and support

We stand by our guaranteed, 100% European quality.
You will be thoroughly supported by your dealer,
to let our quality product provide you with a quality image.

The persuasion tool

Feel empowered by the effectiveness of
Observ, which helps you convince your clients
of products and treatments very quickly.

is king

Visualisation is king,
people believe what
they can see and
thus visual content
through Observ is
the perfect way to
demonstrate your
knowledge and

Appearance Analysis


Surface Texture



"Observ has given our team the opportunity to create great outcomes for our clients."


Tina Paku / The Lab, New Zealand

"Observ has taken our Spa to the next level for our clientele. Having such fantastic technology to analyse our clients skin has reinforced our professionalism and dedication to skin treatments."


Teresa Sime / Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, New Zealand

"Our clients love Observ and are often amazed by the reality and some find relief that finally they can see their skin in a different light. They get a better understanding of their own skin which makes it easier to support them with advice to get the right solution!"


Tina Paku / The Lab, New Zealand

"My staff enjoy using Observ. It has been incredibly satisfying to watch how proud they are when they can monitor their clients progress with such accuracy."


Teresa Sime / Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty, New Zealand

"Observ has been a major game changer, giving our team so much more confidence and knowledge to piece together exceptional skin plans resulting in happy clients."


Tina Paku / The Lab, New Zealand

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